Why You Should Consider Replacing PowerPoint With Google Slides

For what length of time have you used PowerPoint? It is almost by default we go for this MS application when putting together presentation s for seminars, classes, and talks.For a person who has been using Google Docs to share notes and gather information from participants who they are co-facilitating a seminar together, dealing with files of the same version rather than different numerous files would be more convenient. Google slides is good for collaboration. The process of putting a presentation in slides is much easier, straightforward and easier. Below are some few reasons why making that switch to Google slides a very good idea

Google slides is built for collaboration. It doesn't limit you, as in, you can share and edit a Google drive document at the same time. Presentations just like our documents are made and presented with collaborators. And an App such as Google slides is likely to outperform common applications. Again, since it offers collaborators with consistency in editing and commenting simultaneously, it is a huge plus for Google Apps.

Another advantage is that with google slides you get simpler presentations through simple UI. You actually don't miss any options in powerpoint when you use google slides. Since the latter has fewer options, making cleaner and simpler decks and slides is made easier. Besides you can do animations and other advanced things.

Thirdly, you don't have to worry about editing and presenting offline just because you are using google drive files. What you do is download the slides application from your browser. Once installed, and the settings correctly set in Google Drive, you can go ahead to edit, view and run the slides presentations even when offline. Therefore access is no longer a problem. Learn more about google slides, visit site here. 

Fourth, it is possible to access the presentation you have made from any device. This is because you can access documents in Google Drive from virtually any browser. Additionally, you will always be assured of a back up for your files and it won't be a problem in case your computer crashes. They even have a slides app for iOS for iPhone and iPad users.

With Google Slides, web publishing and sharing are made easy. Slides make the process of sharing a presentation on the internet a simple task. You can share in blog posts for a test with available options for those who view it to comment their thoughts, and you can set up one where people can edit and make their own additions! Take a look at this link  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/nadya-khoja/so-you-want-to-make-some-_b_10384860.html  for more information.